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Composer. Singer. Pianist.


As a director and a producer, Ayin Aleph participate in her new short  film-opera "More than Love". Produced by 7 Hand Media Inc.,  this trailer for Avant Gard artist Ayin Aleph's short film/music video 'More Than Love.' A Baroque-inspired journey through the eyes of a Twenty-first-Century 'Metal Diva.' "While the body stumbles in its finite existence, the soul dances upon the river of time."Before “The Fall” and ‘The War’ between “Good and Evil” was ‘Divine Love:’  Her and Him.  Before Them, was ONE

"More Than A Love" coming soon to a public.

7 Hands Media recently released the opera short movie "More Than A Love".

The time transferring young lovers from the 19th century into the 18th century through the eternal embodiment of evil as an antithesis of pure, first love - the eternal marquis de Sade will be dropping into his story of love and fall and his pains. Medusa as a servant of De Sade fights with the sea goddess. The goddess is departing to eternity, the homeland of the nation of love. The imagination of figures, both human and mythical, thanks to the unique style of Ayin Aleph.

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