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     Ayin Aleph is a composer, pianist, singer, poet, writer and producer of French and Russian decent, based in Los Angeles, CA. She began her musical training at age 4. When she was 6, famed Russian composer Dimitry Kabalevsky recognized her as, “one of the most promising virtuosos of her generation.”

     At age 8 she was invited to perform original piano compositions at the Union of Soviet Composers in Moscow. And at 15 she entered the renowned Moscow Conservatory where she continued studying piano and musicology.

     At this time she also began taking acting classes, something she enjoyed but was forced to give up due to the obligations of the intense music program. The experience left it’s mark, however, and was something she would return to later.


     In 1990, seeking to expand her horizons, Ayin left Russia, traveled and performed, finally landing in Paris, France. There, she entered the Royal Conservatory of Brussels.
     In ’93 she joined the European Conservatory to begin working with Igor Lazko, famed pianist and J.S. Bach specialist. It was at this time that she returned to acting, appearing in several movies:

Charlotte et Léa (1994);                   L’Allée du Roi (1995);
La Propriétaire (1995);                     Paris Police (1996);

Père Courage (1997);                        Victor Schloecher (1998);

Venus (1998);                                     Le Double de ma moitié (1998);

Les Grandes Bouches (1998);          Les Morsures de l’Aube (2001);

Les Fantômes (2001).

     Though initially intent on developing an acting career, disenchantment with the roles she was being offered convinced her to turn her attention to teaching piano privately, at one point acquiring as many as 50 personal students.

     In addition to instructing, she organized and directed 2 concerts per year to showcase the students’ growth and talents. She began ghostwriting music and lyrics for other artists in multiple genres and studied voice with Paris based, Argentinian tenor, Jorge De Leon.


     In 2000, Ayin teamed up with several French engineers and musicians to compose two Electro-Pop singles, "Icy Bird" and "Darkening Fancy" (Scorpio Music). She then partnered with French rap label, Ideal Songs, attempting to introduce her baroque styling into the genre. This experience, however, did not last long.

     In August of 2002 she was invited to perform in concert for Russia’s most respected music and film personalities at the closing ceremony of the Vyborg International Film Festival. The following month she sat as Jury Vice-President with President, Terry Gilliam (Monty Python), at the “Best of Short” International Short Movie Festival in Marseilles, France.

In 2003, Ayin went into Paris’s esteemed Studio Davout to record 3 songs, “Valpurgis Night", “Alcove Rhapsody” and “My Bloody Marriage”. There she met a young engineer with whom she began re-shaping her sound, adding modern rock elements. This was the catalyst to creating her own unique sound, incorporating polyphony with a hard rock band. This endeavor opened up a new world of song writing and story telling that gave her an avenue to showcase her grandiose persona as well as her musical and emotional range.

     Invigorated by the results of her new sound, Ayin immediately began production on a video for “Valpurgis Night.” It was broadcast in France, Germany, United Kingdom, Poland and Russia. Developing the synopsis, designing the costumes and playing several roles was a perfect combination of her diverse talents and interests that would lead her to produce 6 more original music videos:

"Butterfly" (2004);                    "My Bloody Marriage" (2006);

"Hamlet" (2006);                      "I Miss You" (2006);

"Greed" (2009);                        "Crystal Bell" (2015).


     After filming “Valurgis Night”, Ayin was showcased at David Guetta’s clubs, Pink Paradise and La Suite, under Nick Blast Productions, with sponsorship from Audi, La Filorga, Les Treilles Gourmandes and Stolichnaya. In 2004, she returned to Studio Davout to record the track “Butterfly”. After filming a video for the single, she began compiling previously recorded tracks and composing for what would become her first album, Ayin Aleph 1, a double album composed of 18 tracks mixed by Daniel Bergstrand (Meshuggah, In Flames), and distributed by The End Records. The single “My Bloody Marriage” was put into heavy rotation at radio RTBF, Belgium’s biggest and most popular rock station.


     In support of Ayin Aleph 1, released in France 2007/U.S. 2008, Ayin embarked on a European tour as direct support for the heavy metal band Samael. In 2009 she was endorsed by Roland, recorded and released her second studio album, Ayin Aleph II, and embarked on a headlining tour throughout the U.K. and France. Radio RTBF again welcomed and supported her with a two hour special devoted to the new album and in studio interviews.

     In 2010, Ayin wrote, directed and co-choreographed the variety show “My Love Is Above My Belief,” staged in Paris. She

performed live on French TV shows, France 2 and Des Mots de Minuits. Shortly thereafter she relocated to Los Angeles, CA., and in 2011 began preparation on her first fashion design collection.

     In 2013, with a new band and new material, Ayin performed for the first time at the world famous Whisky a Go Go, and then at Winterfest in Santa Ana, CA. In March of the following year she went on an 8 city tour in Russia opening for Tarja. In 2014, she performed at Johnny Depp’s, The Viper Room, the now closed Sunset Strip House of Blues and at Metal Female Voices Fest in Belgium.

In 2015, Ayin began production on her third studio album, “To Be Or Not To Die,” for which she has now produced and additional 3 videos. "Crystal Bell" was released in 2016 and quickly garnered nearly half-a-million views. "La Luna Vieja" was released in August of 2021, and "More Than Love", an epic, opera inspired short film/video, is slated for release later in 2021.

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